Sunday, March 18, 2018

This server drives me crazy


A few days ago i bought two servers because the old ones i have in my rack are rarely used because of the noise they created. The two servers seems to be of identical build using 2 x Opteron 2374HE 2,2GHZ CPU and 32 GB memory on an ASUS KFSN5-D/IST. 

A view on the new and the old servers. Monster and Dragon are the new serves. In this picture "Dragon" is not jet installed. "The monster has two 1TB SATA disks installed. As you can see there is no tray installed. The disks are simply plug into the shaft. The "Thunder" is a HP DL140 which i am using already for some time.

Installation of Fedora Server 27

For installation i have been using the net installer of fedora server with out any major issue from my external LG USB 2.0 DVD. The only complication is the Disk BIOS which allows Raid configurations up to RAID5. Using a 1TB stripe in Raid 1 is not a really smart idea but is was convenient since the disks drives have been available. 
My collection of disk trays resulting from try and error approach. But none fits!

The case of the server is custom build by an unknown builder which makes things more complicated since i had no trays for the disks i had to put the SATA disks without a tray in the chamber. I bought a few SAS trays from Chenbro, Supermicro and HP (see picture above) all are a bit to large and do not fit into the funnel. Since the build is of unknown origin it is also a matter of luck which rails can be used for rack mount. Unfortunately the server case is a bit to deep for my rack and i had to install short power plugs in order to be able to close the back door of my rack.


But finally the installation of the virtualization software of fedora worked without any major issue! 
All in all the new servers are less noisy as the old ones. And the virtualization software coming with fedora apparrentently works well on this Opteron system.

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