Saturday, December 23, 2017

Switching back to Linux Desktop environment

What happend?

I thought this will never happen! But i am back to Linux. What happend?
The Story goes like this; once a day i decided that it is time to update my WIndows 10 to the latest Version. So i bought my self two Windows 10 Pro licenses. I did a new Windows 10 installation of my HP Z600 desktop which worked fairly  well. Then i decided to update my ASUS netbook which was a nice mess. Most likely it was a my fault since i deleted one partition to much proably the EABI System partition. The installation went well but after reboot i was informed that there is something is  not proper installed. Since i did not find out what the issue was i decided to try a fedora installation on the box. After deactivating the EABI boot the installation was operational after 50 min.

What did i loose?

Actually since i am doing dual boot i still have all my windows Applications with the corresponding license files. At the end  i did not lost any thing. What really hurts is the fact that i dont have ondrive any more for linux.

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