Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Summer project and evil forces

I has been quiet for a while! My Summer project has been observing V796 Cyg and to create a lightcurve (see below)

I wont put no more details here since i intended to put this on my homepage! While gsazing at the stars evil froces struk. Microsoft stopped the suppot of WebMatrix. Webmatrix made it realtively simple to run IIS Express with PHP support on my windows Server. MS proposes as a relplacement the VS code editor. This thing is something completely different! Consequently i am not able anymore to run my website for development on my WIndows 10 server any more!

This event made me rethink my current strategy from the perspective of the cost point of view. I am running my homepage as a appservice instance in the Azure Cloud. This costs about 20 Euro per month. If you compare this with 2.5 Euro/month for web hosting and about 18 Euros/month for a complete root server! A the bottom line i decided to move my website to a root server at
I know money is not all; i am aware that i am loosing scaleability and security support which has been provided by Azure but i am saving a few bugs!

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