Sunday, July 5, 2015

My first Ingress Mission

For a few month i am playing ingress (agent michael314). I have created my first major missions with Ingress.  It is a set of 6 missions arranged around the official center of Friedrichshain in Berlin. They are loosely connected since any of these missions contains the starting point of the next mission. Each mission comprises of way point which are connected by clues you need to understand. Each mission is completed after you have answered a question related to some things you might have seen during the mission.

Creating a mission

Creating missions with the ingress mission authoring tool is easy; the tool is a bit old fashioned and compared to what Google is typically delivery a rudimentary tool, but it does not require any special skill!

Personally i prefer clues which guide you to the next way point. I learned writing these clues has it pitfalls while i lost my track during my own mission. So after acceptances by the Ingress Team you should try it your self! I found always some clues which are not conclusive and some times simply wrong descriptions in my missions. 

In order to edit an already accepted mission; you need to create a new draft for the mission, edit and submit the mission again, Personally i found the time between submit and acceptance of less then a week rather reasonable.

Each mission is accompanied by a logo and a medal. The medal is actually created from the logo. Logos a small pictures of 512 by 512 pixels; it is up to you to create some thing reasonable! 


There are a few communities at G+ which i found helpfull:

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