Monday, December 22, 2014

The dawn of bachus

The dawn of bachus

Bachus is the host name of the netbook i am using while commuting or being on travel. It is a small under powered (2GB RAM, 1.1GHz Celeron CPU) Asus SonicMaster F201E notebook. 

I have been using this box for the last two years, but unfortunately it got slower and slower over the time. At the shop where i went for an memory extension, i learned there is no way to upgrade the memory. I was a minute before throwing this piece of hardware in the trash, but the guy in the shop convinced me to replace the old hard drive by a new SD-Ram disk. Since i did not liked to buy a new net book, i decided to give it a trail. 

The first thing was to get such a compact housing open; at the end it did turned being rather simple. Simply remove all screws at the backside of the note book and lift the housing using a small screwdriver as shown in the picture below. 

Once done the old hard disk has to be replaced by the SD. For this purpose a metal frame holding the disk needs to be unscrewed. After done the old disk can be unplugged and the SD disk can be plugged into the same slot. 

After finishing the hardware part, I decided not to copy the old hard disk contents on the SD RAM but to start completely from scratch. Finally i purchased a MS Windows 8.1 Pro License and i installed every thing from scratch. 

I am not sure how much the new installation or the SD disk is contributing to the GUI performance improvements but at the button line i am quite happy with the performance of the installation. It will be interesting to observe how persistent this performance will be over the time.

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