Sunday, November 17, 2013

In quest of a new webpage framework


I have spend in the past some effort in the maintenance of my web page (http:// which a rather questionable result. So i am started to survey on simple frameworks which do help me to simplify the creation of a web site. Rather anoying for example the yearly update of the copyright on each page of the side. Since i have not used any tooling to generate the site i haven't achieved any a common overall look of the site.  The major objective of this survey is to find a simple framework which does this all and the implement a prototype pf the page.


This framework which i am currently looking at is The installation on my web server is relatively simple; it requires only an PHP5 web server. Web pages are created by means of an build in editor.  

This framework provides quite a lot of interesting plugins which can be used to extend the basic functionality of the framework. I have decided to install a few of the i18N plugins ( as shown below:

Besides of installing and configuring the plugins the actual pages layouts have to be developed. There a quite a number of different themes available for the which can be used directly or adopted to your expectations. The themes are consisting typically of a piece of PHP code which generates the page and corresponding style sheets. In order to do the development i am using an Apache server which runs on my laptop. This allows me to test my changes locally before i deploy them to the web server. 


I have started from a theme i found suitable (ResponsiveWhitespace) and modified the so called template.php file. 

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