Saturday, March 16, 2013

Started a small Project: Huygens Principle

Still the MyCommunity Project is not finished; but for my amusement i started a new projects which has has a rather limited scope. Basically i am playing around with

The result of the project will be pictures as below which are showing the wave field for a given time t=0 generated by a given configuration of oscillators.

For more details watch in the future:

In the picture below a single oscillator is shown by plotting the intensity of the wave field in the x/y axis.

Since gnu plot seems to be quite slow in drawing pictures like the above on i switch to dx. (see getting me pictures like to one below:

Wave field emitted by of two synchronously spheric oscillators

propagation of the wave field  shown in the picture above.

Wave flied of an aray 30x6 ocillators for different pahse shifts

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